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Synapse Management Services utilizes the “Medical Manager “ software.  Medical Manager is distributed and used in over one hundred thousand physicians offices throughout the country.  To date it is one of the industry leaders in practice management software.  The technical support, and maintenance fees are paid by Synapse Management Services.  The main server for the system is located at Synapse and is owned by Synapse.  The server was just updated in March 2004.  The physicians would gain access to the server by purchasing a “DATA SET” from medical manager (this will be coordinated by a member of Synapse.)

The data set purchased by the client will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the practice.  A Synapse Employee will do the customization of the data set.  Each data set has seven levels of security in addition to the internal set up that identifies specific access to the data set based on a profile.  The data set will contain all modules needed to operate and manage the practice as contracted.  An on-site staff member does the data entry.

The practice will have several options on how the terminal placed in the office connects to the server at Synapse Management Services.  The terminal can come through a telephone line, cable or DSL connection.  The server is protected by a firewall, two routers and a device that encrypts access codes that are used, in order to maintain complete security and confidentiality.   

Information connections allow Synapse Management Services account managers to view real time information from the Physician(s) office.  The ability to do that allows for electronic claims to be sent quickly which results in more clean claims and a quicker turn around for reimbursement to the physician for the service provided.  This system also allows Synapse to process Patient Statements electronically.  The statement costs are included in the standard billing fee.

Using the Medical Manager Software, gives Synapse the most up to date technology available to medical practices.

Among the leaders in medical software, Medical Manager has a module available to support and customize and practice need.

Our staff has had many hours of training and approximately 8 years experience using this software.

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